A mill with a lot of history

The area around Bolonor has been in-habited for thousands of years. To the southwest of the house lies the hill Liar where you will find the remains of a bronze age village. (2300 a 700 DC)
Also in the vicinity can be found the remains of many old water mills dating from at least the 16 th century according to the documents of Seron.
Also the documents contain details of the local aquaducts and irrigations systems. Also in the southwest of the river around the Mill L´Aqaba can be found fragments of ceramic dating from before 1000 AD and from the Arabian times.
An Englishman Sir Richard Carrik came to Serón at the end of the 19th century and worked as a translator for “The Bacares Iron Ore Mines”. This man bought the old mill and brought new arcitecture to this place. Above the ruins of an old water mill mentioned in 17 th century documents of Seron (It is possible the water mil dates from as far back as the Arabian times.) he constructed a modern way to make flour both mecanical y hydraulic. very modern for this time in Serón.
In the facade he built balconies. A new thing for barns. Floors and ceilings were made from Canadian pine, in the living room he put an English fireplace and he was able to have the luxury of electricity with the use of a turbine.
He built a 4 story building incorporating a flour mill and living quarters in a style not seen before in this part of Spain . He used a mechanical and hydraulic system, which was very modern for that time.


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