Welcome to L´Aqaba, a very special place located in Serón (Almería), near the Las Menas mining complex. My name is Frauke, and for a few years I have been running this rural mill house with Antonio.

In this blog, baptized with the name of El rincón de Frauke, I will be talking periodically about the events and activities that surround L´Aqaba. This window will also serve to show you my other great passion, in addition to the rural house and my family: carpentry. I have been dedicated to this noble trade for many years now, and I like both its artisanal and artistic aspects. So this corner will be the ideal place to upload new posts and comment on what I do at all times.

I wait for you. Thank you very much for approaching our great illusion that is L´Aqaba and everything that surrounds it.

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